Course Evaluations

EN-121: Analytical Thinking, Writing & Research:

This course breaks down the research process into a series of steps to equip students with the writing and research skills necessary for success in any discipline and for graduate study. The research process is taught step-by-step, and students understand how to: choose an appropriate topic; develop a strong thesis statement; formulate research questions; find, select, read, and evaluate viable, scholarly sources; implement APA style for citations and bibliography. Students also learn to understand and speak the language of research by being able to differentiate between primary and secondary sources as well as between primary and secondary research. This process is taught through various written assignments and classroom activities, culminating in a research paper that the student will also orally present.

EN-121 Winter 17 

EN-121 Winter 17

EN-121 Winter 17

EN-121 Winter 17

EN 121 Winter Semester 16

EN 121 Fall 16

EN-111: College Writing & Critical Analysis:

This course develops students’ competency in constructing effective college level essays in a variety of commonly used rhetorical modes using multiple revisions. Assigned readings develop students’ ability to comprehend more complex, college level texts, on a deeper level, and determine author’s purpose, understanding literary terms, and analyzing essay structure. Students increase overall competency in deconstructing text and expanding their vocabulary to include advanced academic language and terminology.

EN 111 Fall 15

EN 111 Winter 16

EN 111 Winter 16

EN 111 Fall 16

LA 122: Fundamentals of Communication

This introductory course in human communication explores the theories and practice of oral and written communication through direct and digital channels. Students will be given opportunities to learn practical skills such as working in groups, giving speeches, and making presentations. This course focuses on defining an audience, finding and evaluating information for a presentation, selecting a suitable structure and medium for presenting it, and using language in a clear, concise, and creative manner to communicate ideas effectively. Students will develop a portfolio as well as research and present a project related to their academic majors.

LA-122 Winter 17

LA-122 Winter 17

LA 122 Winter 16

LA 122 FALL 16

LA 122 Fall 16

LA 209: Contemporary Social Issues

This course is designed to investigate contemporary social issues, policies and problems and their impact on American social structures. Society’s attempts to solve these social problems are examined, also. Students are asked to assess issues in terms of their origins, extent, impact, implications, and various possible avenues of resolution.

LA 209 Fall 16

LA 106: Sex & Gender

This advanced social science course will explore how sex, gender roles, and the expressions of masculinity and femininity are built into the social structures of American life and various cultures around the world. Analyses of prejudice and discrimination as they exist in the social institutions are addressed, as well as ideas for appropriate change for the future.

LA 106 Fall 16