Looking Back

This is the first semester in a long time where I am teach courses I have never taught before. Currently I am teaching:

  • Professional Writing & Presentation
  • Developmental English II
  • Literary Criticism & Analysis  (Module/Summer Session 4 week run time)

I was originally slated to teach 5 courses this semester but unfortunately 2 were cancelled due to lack of enrollment. The two courses were another section of Professional Writing, as well as another literature course, Women Writers. I must say, I was much more disappointed about not being able to teach Women Writers. Just as the Literary Criticism course is my niche, Women Writers is on the same level…Although I must confess I did infuse some of the Women Writers course into Literary Criticism this semester!

This semester somewhat reminds of my very first semester teaching college courses. When I first started at the college, I was hired at the very tail end of Summer. I had a week before classes started and very little time to prepare. With some assistance from my amazing colleagues, I was able to hit the ground running. During my first semester I taught two sections of Fundamentals of Communication courses (freshman speech class) and one large course of students (34!) in my College Writing & Analysis course (freshman English). I was still balancing my previous full-time job during this time so every night after work I sat down with the textbook, and the ebook and read. After reading and outlining the text, I drafted lectures that I would then practice and revise. I often incorporated in class assignments and discussions to keep things from being monotonous. I was tired, but I was happy. Finally, I was doing work which was meaningful and using my Master of Arts Degree in English.

Flash back to right now, I am virtually doing the same thing in preparing lectures, practicing lectures, incorporating in class assignments and discussions but with much more experience, a lot more comfortability, and without the burden of my previous full time job. It was a decision I made easily when I was asked to teach a bigger course load. I could not teach more classes if I was working at the same job. I walked away quite easily to pursue a career that is more worthwhile than a lot of the work that I’ve already done.


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