A Note About Summer Sessions

A long time ago, okay not that long ago, I was a college student. I remember as the days for the Spring semester came to a close course offerings for Summer Session I and Summer Session II were always released. I dreaded the idea of having to sit in class for three or four hours cramming information into my brain. I never considered the benefits of taking a Summer Session so it is quite ironic that I am teaching one now.

Today was my first day teaching my first Summer Session although Monroe refers to these courses as “modules”. Nonetheless, the concept remains the same. It is a full course course with a short, but intensive schedule that allows students to take a 3 credit course in less than half the time. This allows students to earn credits towards graduation sooner than a 15 week semester would provide. It was exciting not to waste anytime and dive headfirst into the curriculum. Thus far, I’ve taught many freshman surveys or second level courses, but I’ve never had the honor and privilege of teaching Literary Criticism & Critical Analysis! After a year of teaching the surveys, I welcome the opportunity to step into my realm after “being in  the trenches”–it is a welcome, and appreciated change.

The course will be meeting four days a week for three and a half hours. I was given free reign to set up the course my way. I’ve decided to start with poetry in which I classified by theme (women, life struggles, love), then we will move on to short story fiction, then short nonfiction. We will end the semester with American Drama. I am also lucky because I have a small group of six students (this is incredibly rare!) who all became very comfortable with class discussion immediately. I definitely look forward to teaching this course and teaching something other than “How to Write a Strong Thesis”.


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